Interested in Becoming a Grasshopper Producer?

To get started, please fill out our Producer Interest Form and return it by fax, email or mail to the contact information listed at the bottom of this page. We will contact you to discuss moving forward. Call us with questions anytime.

How We Work with Producers

Grasshoppers works with producers in the state of Kentucky, and in Southern Indiana. We carry conventionally grown, all natural, and certified organic produce. Our meat, dairy, and egg products are free-range, pastured and antibiotic, hormone, steroid free. Our planning period for crops is in the winter, but we are open to new producers on a revolving basis, depending on what products are needed at the time. If you have a product that is of high quality, value-added, or unique in some way, we would love to hear about it. If we are not able to take on your product, we will keep your contact information in case an opportunity arises at a later date.

Because we are producer-owned, it is important to us to have a business that works for producers. To that end we have developed our packaging standards and price lists with producer input. We strive to pay fair prices, make payments within seven business days, and be transparent by having a direct connection to the farms. All of our product lines are appropriate for small-scale family agriculture production. Please contact us if you have questions about pricing.

Wholesale-specific Marketing

As a wholesale distributor, we take a different marketing approach than farmers’ markets or direct marketing. This is reflected in what we ask of the farms we work with (see below). We will work with farms to take these steps if they have not already. We understand that wholesale markets do not suit all farm operations, and our markets in particular may not suit everyone. For every farm we work with, we hope the experience is beneficial.