In recent decades, as tobacco has declined and demand for fresh, healthy food has risen, many of Kentucky’s small scale family farms have shifted to fruit, vegetable, and value-added meat production. In 2005, farmers from around Kentucky came together to design a company that would market and distribute their locally-produced meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and cheeses. They called this grassroots solution Grasshoppers Distribution.

A farmer-controlled company offers customers an authentic connection to the farms and farm life, in addition to the conveniences of centralized distribution. At the same time, it creates opportunity for the up and coming small farms struggling to grow – and market – local food on their own. It is our hope that Grasshoppers will bring our local food economy to a new level, and can be a model as other local food systems develop around the country. This is our story – and we’d love to share more of our farm stories, and food, with you.

Making the Leap to Local Foods

Our farmer-owned distribution company is the first in the region to offer exclusively local food—all coming from within Kentucky or just over the river in southern Indiana.

Your Family Farm Connection

With our source verified policy, we have a direct connection to every farm and we put it right on your invoice, so you always know where your food is coming from.

Fresh and Flavorful

Our producers take pride in the personal attention given to growing their food, and the quick harvest-to-table turnaround. Of all the benefits that come with buying local food, we want to make sure that fresh, high quality food is what keeps you coming back.

Grassroots Support

Grasshoppers started as an economic development project of Community Farm Alliance, a grassroots membership organization supporting family-scale farming for twenty-five years. CFA resources and the hard work of CFA members made this local food business possible. We encourage you to get involved and see how “Change Grows From the Ground Up!”