A full range of seasonal produce, with many heirloom varieties, is available at least nine months of the year. It’s true that food allowed to fully ripen- whether on the vine, tree, or in the field- tastes better, and the difference is there in our delicate greens and salad mixes, bursting-with-flavor fruits, or perfectly ripened tomatoes. Our order forms will distinguish for you whether our harvested-to-order produce is certified organic, naturally grown, or conventionally homegrown. Whichever your preference, it is grown with care and has a lower carbon footprint than shipments coming from over 1,300 miles away!


Animals who live stress-free lives produce better food and we are boasting about happy cows and goats from Kentuckiana! Our products include aged raw milk artisanal cheeses, non-homogenized, low temperature pasteurized milk with the cream on top, chevre and aged goat’s milk cheeses.


With every shade of shell from light speckled brown to green, these large farm fresh eggs are superior inside and out. Chickens that are rotated on perennial pastures under the sun and fed high quality, vegetarian grain produce eggs with a thick, rich yellow yolk. These eggs have higher levels of Omega 3 essential fatty acids and Vitamin D, and a third less cholesterol, than factory farmed eggs.

Pastured Meat and Poultry

With beef, pork, lamb, and chicken to choose from, we’ve got dinner covered. As ruminants, our beef and lamb products are grass fed and finished. Protein-loving pork and poultry are fed a ration of high quality, vegetarian grain in addition to their pastured fare. All meat products have been USDA inspected and are packaged vacuum-sealed.